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Telcon - World of Communication
Telcon - World of Communication


Magnar Norderhus

Dipl. Ing (FH) Magnar Norderhus
Founder & CEO

Verena Norderhus

Verena Norderhus

Our activities started in 1996 in Berlin and were carried out in Hummingbird GmbH.
Consulting and training of technical departments at international companies are the main business of the company. Own developments of test equipment for quality assurance of terminals and networks are great successes of the company.
Since 2016 we have moved our activities to Telcon OG, Austria.

Fields of activity

Mobile communication has been part of our daily lives for more than 20 years.
Today, more than ever, it is used in all aspects of our lives.
All the more every telecommunication network as well as every single user has to protect itself against threats.

We support telecommunication companies in quality analysis and in ensuring
that security requirements are implemented.
For this purpose we are already working in the engineering as well as in the operation of telecommunication companies.

Especially with the 5G mobile communications standard, companies are facing completely new security requirements.
Critical components is just one of many new keywords that need to be filled with life and implemented.

  • The radio access network will become more complex through the segmentation of functionalities and can hardly be compared with previous standards such as GSM or LTE.¬†

  • The Core Network is becoming completely new with Service-Based Architecture. Probing the 5G core network is a major challenge.

We support you in taking your network to a new level. We benefit from 25 years of experience in mobile telecommunications in:

  • Network Security Engineering¬†

  • Fraud System Engineering and Operation

  • Mobile Core und Interconnect Engineering

  • Probing of the signaling network; from concept development to evaluation of mobile network traces.

  • Software development for quality analysis and KPI generation.

Private Customers

Every day you can read in the media about attacks on companies and on private individuals.
It is difficult to keep track of the possible dangers.
It is therefore all the more important to create an awareness among those involved that the protection of personal data in daily life is more important than ever.

We conduct seminars to strengthen individuals to recognize dangers from the net and to protect themselves against them.